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Autoblogging Handbook eBook Review

Author: Jessica Boyyer

When it comes to making money online, Autoblogging is a path many choose to take. The whole concept is one that anyone would like: you set up the blog, and it'll take care of the rest. It'll post for you, keep itself updated, and eventually start bringing income. If you are interested in making your own autoblog or you've seen the new eBook by Henrik Nielsen, Autoblogging Handbook, stay tuned to learn more and decide for yourself if you want to make money online with Autoblogging.

What is autoblogging?

An autoblog is a blog, usually using a Wordpress or Blogger platform, that runs independently. You set it up with the right add-ons and plug-ins, and it will do everything else. It will post new posts, deliver new content automatically, and submit book marks and pings to help your blog get noticed with search engines. It's known as a "set-and-forget" method.

That sounds so easy! Why doesn't everyone start autoblogs?

Well, as easy as it sounds, it's not an instant cash machine. Any business, online or offline, requires smart work and some preparation. That's not to say that there is no potential in autoblogging or that it's dead.If you take time to look for great keywords, and add some of your personal ingenuity, an autoblog can be a great addition to your income or even be enough to live off.

How do I start? What is involved with an autoblog?

Autoblogs are relatively cheap and easy to start for internet marketeers, newbies and veterans alike. The first thing you'll need is a blog, which can be found for free with Wordpress or Blogger, but it's recommended to pay for your own domain and hosting (which can be found for $10 or less per month). The next things you'll need are plug-ins. There are various plugins for each task, so take a look around and find what looks for you.

Many are free, and the paid plug-ins are usually cheap, too. These plugins will automatically post articles, products, and reviews from all over the Internet. They'll fill your autoblog with fresh content every day, as well as constantly alerting search engines like Google and Bing that your blog is something new and interesting to pay attention to.

Autoblogging Handbook may be one guide you will be interested in. The author outlines how he built his autoblogs to become a self sustaining cash cow.

Remember, offline or online, it's important to never give up. Go thru the motions, take the proper steps, and enjoy your success.

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