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Car Rental Review Geneva, Switzerland - Resident Advise :)

This is a short review of car rentals available in Geneva, Switzerland. I hope to expand this review as soon as I get more facts and figures from the rental places.

I have experienced all of these services mentioned below so this is not a review based on other articles.

Mobility Car Sharing 

First of all if you are planning in staying in Geneva for more than 4 months there is a perfect solution to car rentals from

You could write them an email and explain your situation. They normally asks for a resident permits but given that you are planning in staying for more than 4 months they should be ok in providing you with a trial supscription  for 4 months. you can reduce the trial subscription to 40 CHF if you have a cumulus card from Migros supermarkets. Its available at the reception at any Migros free of charge.

Now let me go through the Mobility car sharing program. The program offers cars from sizes Mini to large passenger vans.

You can have a look at the available range from this link -

The program allows you to rent any one of the vehicles in the mentioned link on a hourly basis and per kilometre.

the rates are available here -

First you got to book a car from their internet booking portal or via the Iphone app or the customer service line. calling them is not advised for bookings because they charge you a fee for every minute.

Then you can visit the location that is nearest to you and unlock the car via the plastic credit card sized access card. the car keys are available in the glove box or in the place marked with a sticker. You do the same when you are done with your journey.

Click here to see how it all works at the Mobility website

I'm not going to go through all the details or repeat them, you can find all the dets at their website

Before I come to major car rental companies I should mention a company called

Patrick Location SA

If you dont mind driving a little older car which is three four years old then you are going to be saving a whole lot of money. these guys are having a small three door Fiat Seicentos available for 40 CHF a day with 100 km's. You can check out their website for more details.

Well there is newer and bigger cars from 65 CHF as well. I've had one of those 3 door Fiats for few days and it was all good. The deposit is around 1000 CHF which is a downer but then again if you are safe driver you got nothing to worry about. Geneva is a safe town to drive.

To be continued ......

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