Saturday, August 27, 2011

one of the world's biggest tall ships squeezes under Tower Bridge...

Ahoy there! Sailors put on spectacular display as one of the world's biggest tall ships squeezes under Tower Bridge


Last updated at 11:55 PM on 26th August 2011

One of the largest tall ships in the world had a tight squeeze today, as it proudly sailed along the Thames.

The ARC Gloria, one of the biggest tall ships in the world and still in service, narrowly passed through Tower Bridge after a successful three-day visit to London.

The three-masted Colombian training vessel, which is making its first voyage to London in 18 years, is currently on a goodwill tour of the world.

Mind your head! The crew of the ARC Gloria balance on masts while singing the ship's anthem

What a send off: The ARC Gloria, one of the biggest tall ships in the world, heads out of the city

The 76-metre long ship, which boasts a crew of of 163 people, including 81 cadets from the Colombian Naval Academy, precariously posed on its masts to wave farewell to the city.

But not only did the brave shipmates need a head for heights and their strongest sea-legs, but they also had to put on a show.

The huge vessel made sure it gave London a rousing send off, by unfurling its massive flag and the 81 cadets singing the ship's anthem.

During its time in the capital the magnificent ship attracted over 7,000 visitors.

Meteorite blasts across skies of Peru leaving forest fires in its wake

It has now set sail for Spain, and then plans to head to Morocco and the Caribbean before returning to Colombia, according to The Docklands website.

Accompanying the crew is the ship's own trained Labrador called Argos.

The history of the sailing ship ARC Gloria began in 1966, when the Colombian Government ordered that a three-masted barque work as a training ship of the Colombian Navy.

The ship was commissioned on 7 September 1968, with the vessel moored at the wharf of Deusto Channel.

Tight squeeze: Colombia's tall ship sails past, looking uncomfortably close to the top of Tower Bridge

Setting sail: The vast vessel is currently doing a goodwill tour of the world

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