Friday, August 26, 2011

Video: How to steal jewelery in 10 steps

No, its not really a write up as it says in the title, but an interesting video showcasing BMW's latest Vision Connected Drive Concept.
In eye catching HD the video dazzles the viewer with all the gimmicks technology can achieve these days specially while you are driving. Imagine having all the information you would storm up available to you instantly in a blink of an eye.

Vision Connected Drive was first debuted at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. The car seems futuristic with its automatic sliding doors, partly see through engine hood. But amazingly BMW wanted to emphasise on the technological gizmos rather than the design of the car at the show.

This new concept was originally showcased as a example of what technology can do in the future and how each and every BMW will carry these remarkable technological aides. The roadster is one of a kind specially made for this purpose while making it an integral part of the networked world.

The concept has a heads-up display as you will see in the video as well in full 3D. All the information including navigational details are displayed here.  BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Infotainment system is mainly based on the location and many other details that relates to the driver. its sensors monitor many aspects of the driver and bases the services accordingly, Many preferences can be set in the comfort of your home via your Iphone or from your PC. 

now let’s have a look at the video,

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