Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How an Internet browser works. As an easy to Understand Comic ;)

Ever wondered or wanted to refresh your knowledge bank on how an Internet browser works ? Here is a interesting illustration made by Vlad Studio that is equally interesting even for the young ones to look at :)

The user shown as the guy with the crown possibly a king orders his men to fetch a website. so the men goes out  after negotiating with all security measures in place ( firewalls etc) to the open world known as the internet.

He finds himself where he wants to go from the post which is the Domain Name Server. Gets to the place where the webpage is. This is the hosting server. The Wise owl gives the man what he wants and he returns to his king with the information.

This process happens over and over until the User shown as the king is satisfied.

voilà I guess I explained it well. So refer to this whenever you are kind of perplexed on how it all happens ;)

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