Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Skype enabled Freetalk ATA Lets you use your old house phone with Skype without a PC

The people have been looking for a way to use Skype without a PC or an expensive Skype enabled Cordless phone for ages.

Even Companies with Pbx's can now take advantage of the FreeTalk Skype Adapter to make calls and receive calls to and from thousands of skype subscribers through out the world.

Many Skype enabled services that lets you use an ordinary desktop phone came out with flying colours and left without a note. Because most of them did not take a direct approach to using skypes proprietary signalling and codecs. They always had to go around it due to Skype not authorizing them to use their codecs and signalling methods.

But now FreeTalk has joined up with Skype and has come up with the solution everyone's waited for.

Basically it lets you plug in any phone, let it be a cordless or a desktop phone even that antique phone from 60's if it has the proper connector so that it works with Skype. The adaptor works as a mediator in between your dumb old phone and Skype.

The phone Connected to the FreeTalk adaptor rings when ever someone calls you on Skype. And you can call out to people on your skype contact list. you can save a lot when calling long distance numbers via skype credit or a SkypeOut subscription. 911 calls are not supported on the service though.                    

The device will automatically route calls on the cheapest possible connection. let it be via skype or through the telco line. the leftmost slot on the adapter view accepts the telecom line and the middle one is for the desktop phone or cordless phone. 

Just the size of a coffee mug and fits rite on to the home wall plug. Now available in the Skype Store for US and Canada.

From the Skype store FAQ:
What Skype features are supported on the FREETALK® Connect•Me Phone Adapter?
  • Free, unlimited Skype-to-Skype calls (up to 99 speed dials/Skype contacts)
  • Calls to landlines and mobiles domestically as well as internationally.
Can I access my Skype address book?
Yes, once you have completed the set up on your computer, your phone adapter will be automatically synced up with your Skype account. So all your Skype contact details and numbers will be ready to use.
Can I make Skype-to-Skype calls to other devices, such as mobiles and Skype-ready TVs?
Yes, you can contact anyone on Skype regardless of the device they are using.
How do I add credit?
Buy your first credit amount online by clicking on ‘buy credit’ at If you select the ‘auto-recharge’ option, Skype will recharge your account automatically when it falls below $2 so you do not unexpectedly run out of credit.
Can I receive calls?
Yes, if someone calls you, your home phone will ring and you can answer as normal.
My landline and router are not close to each other, can I still use the home phone adapter?
Your landline socket and router do need to be near each other as they both connect to the home phone adapter. However, you can purchase a ‘Powerline Adapter kit’ which extends an ethernet network connection to any electrical outlet.
I only want to use my home phone adapter for Skype calls, must I connect my landline?
A landline is not required to use the home phone adapter for Skype. However Skype should not be considered as a replacement landline service.

Read more about it at the Skype blog.

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