Friday, August 19, 2011

Botnet Scanning Software

Download the botnet scanning software here
Botnet hackers are making a worldwide presence. As more and more botnets are taking control of computers and make these infected computers to make their network bigger and use their botnet in malicious activities, botnets are becoming more immune to detection and resilient. the increased rise of new bot families and continued spreading of the botnet attacks makes it a good reason to have a reliable solution against botnets. You can continously protect and scan your computer with RUBotted.
The new version of RUBotted features improved detection of unknown versions of bot clients and better cleaning capabilities for infected machines. Compatible with other antivirus products that may already be installed in user systems, RUBotted allows for seamless integration at no cost.

RUBotted also interfaces with Smart Protection Network that provides proactive blocking through the Trend Micro Web reputation service to help identify and block new threats. It is capable of detecting known and unknown variants of known botnet families including some of the most notorious botnets today:

ZBOT/ZeuS – bank information stealer
KOOBFACE – most successful Web 2.0 botnet
WALEDAC – infamous spamming bot

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