Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Googles new Search results thats hidden

Found out about the Googles new search results using the "Show More" button as a early morning surprise. Well it isnt a pleasant surprise.

I hate how the user has to click on the " show more results" at the end of the page every time. Well content should be readily available and it should be instant. unlike Google just animating everything and stressing out the already stressed out searcher with all the animated scroll down gizmo.

I hope its not going to be permanent and Google should stop changing their layout every now and then when users are pretty familiar with the existing way of working with it.

At least there should be a way for users to opt out of it if they dont like the user interface just like the email providers do when they change their layouts.

I'll keep this post updated If I manage to find a way to revert back to how it was.

Update 18/8/2011 -

Google didnt keep the change as a permanent change. thank god. Found out a video that shows exactly what I'm talking about.

video from French blog Waebo:

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