Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slow pc start up? Crashing programs?

Is your computer taking ages to boot up? and even after you login to you r computer does it take another 15 minutes to be responsive enough for you to do something?

Well your troubles are over. There is a genius of a software with a equal genius of a user interface for your ill fated computers rescue.

Its from a company called Soluto. they call this piece of art an anti frustration software.

I ran the software on my computer and I was shocked to see so many processors and useless crap taking up my precious boot time, making me wait in vain until all the program do their thing.

The software actually monitors the start up process from the start and categorizes the programs in to three groups.

Programs that can be paused or delayed without thinking twice :) ( they call it no brainer, figures)
Programs that are potentially paused or delayed
Programs that cannot be paused or delayed for the moment

When a program is delayed it does not start up right at the beginning but it will resume soon after the boot up process.

There is a handy percentage given of what other people carried out for some programs. so you could actually see if its ok to pause or delay a certain program.

The program also offers speeding up the startup of your browser by disabling the add-ons it has and healing of crashes are taken care of aswell. it analyses the program crash and offers you a solution in estimated number of days.

All in all it makes the whole process of speeding up your booting process more fun.

Download Soluto from

Here are some more screen shots:

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