Friday, May 25, 2007

Glanza All the way

City and Guilds Exam past papers - 2730 Technician Diploma Telecommunication

Technician Diploma in telecommunication systems.

Recognition List ( List of educational institutes consisting of universities )

Advanced diploma syllabus handbook - 2730_adv_tech_dip_handbook.pdf

2730 Telecommunications Systems Tech Diploma handbook syllabus PDF

A Centre’s guide to Technician Diploma in Telecommunication Systems IVQ on PDF

*Give little bit of time for the papers below to load. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser supporting HTML5  if they do not load. 


SLT ADSL probs......

Guys if any of you is having probs with microsoft's sites not loading in any of the browsers on your pc. try changing your routers or pc's encapsulation method to PPPoE with LLC. it actually worked for me.

I've been using PPPoA for ages and it played up this morning and that change i mentioned above did perfectly.

leave 1492 for mtu as it is.
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