Saturday, July 30, 2011

Siemens sx763 ADSL router unlock decrypt config file and recover/reveal lost password

Here's the RAR archive of the utility that decrypts " active_configfile " configuration file. after it's decrypted  it can be opened with a text editor to display the username and password. useful to recover a password of VoIP, ADSL internet password. dev by Iskona ... It is necessary to put "active_configfile" file from Save & Restore, in the folder you unzipped the archive. run the .bat file to decrypt.

all the credit goes to the amazing author of this software. 

and more info -

so if you want to recover or reveal a lost password of an ADSL login or VOIP login this is it. siemens Sx763 is a great router and offer a full set of features.

here's the user manual just in case if someone is looking for it.

sx763 siemens user manual pdf
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