Friday, December 3, 2010

FringOut Sucks!! Frequent dropped calls

Calls to Sri Lanka as low as 7.9c USD and 6.1c USD to land lines? sounds tempting? then read on.

Recently fringout brought down their rates. and Ive seen how they have kept it as a Xmas present to cover it up. But the truth is they are trying to grow their subscriber base and to be in the edge of the competition with Skype's much more brilliant SkypeOut service.

So I got to try out both services. Signed up for Skypeout with their monthly subscription and gave it a go. The calls were awesome and call quality was out of this world. No dropped calls etc. So high five for them.

Checked out fringOut as well just to call Sri Lanka since they were the only voip service offering the cheapest calls to date. But I got to say how calls began to drop every 3 or 4 minutes and it was just another pathetic attempt to get back at SkypeOut.

here are some screenshots of my fringout call records.

notice how I had to dial every time the calls drops. so annoying I know but as with any service who offers low cost calls , they have to relieve the pressure of the systems some how so I think it's all good when you look at in that perspective.

Friday, October 29, 2010

firesheep plugin for Firefox

Found this awesome plugin that can be used to test how secure your logins are when used with a non secured (open) wifi link. It basically captures the cookies as it passes by the wifi link. But keep in mind its pretty limited as in when you logout of you session (gmail, facebook, etc) it makes the cookie (if captured by someone) invalid. So making it impossible to login using the captured cookies.

here are some screen caps.

If you want to download the firefox addon click the link below

Installing note :
open the file using firefox. right click on the file > open with > search and select firefox. (point to the firefox icon and select)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Emanage Ultimate Installation Files

Thought of helping out the fellow Greddy Emanage Ultimate users, I had a hard time finding these files when my Emanage ultimate installation Cd was Lost. So thought of making it easier for the guys to install it in one go.

 Extract and run the file labelled " Run this first" and then after the installation finishes run the second update to make version 2.2 which is the latest emanage ultimate software edition.

I have some maps as well if you guys wanna check them out or use it as sample for whatever use. FULL VERSION INSTALL THIS FIRST

download the latest update 2.20 as at 4/9/2011 from the greddy web site

e-Manage Ultimate Update Software download (ver2.20)
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