Tuesday, September 10, 2013

CoopMobile Great cheap phones! after your contract runs out you are stuck with no choice for new phones!!!

Well I got my self a new Galaxy S2 back in the days because these guys were offering a great package. 30 CHF per month and 100-150 CHF upfront.

Back then it was great because every other mobile operator were offering much expensive options such as 200-350 upfront and 100+ CHF packages. Well the CoopMobile deal was crazy and I'm sure most of the people jumped aboard.

And now my contract has completed its 24 month period and without any notice they (coopmobile) have extended my contract for another 12 months.

It is fine being with them for another 12 months or 24 months since the network is pretty much Orange and CoopMobile offers all what Orange offers EXCEPT the vast range of phones and mainly the choices as a customer would have when it comes to choosing phone or tablets.

CoopMobile range of phones comes down to about 5 or 6 phones that only apple fan boys would like.

Orange offers hundreds of phones for you to choose from. Well they could be a bit more expensive but they are catching up to being competitive.

So my advise would be to subscribe to CoopMobile. And when your contract runs out promptly give notice to them before like two months as a precaution to terminate the contract unless you find a good deal to renew.

Otherwise you would be stuck like me for another 12 months with a phone that doesnt last on battery even for a half a day, paying dead money in an effort to not pay their early termination fee and what not.

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