Saturday, January 29, 2011

Acer Aspire 5735/5335/5735z memory upgrade not using all of the installed memory

My latest dilemma went for almost two days looking for a proper solution in vain. But finally managed to find a proper answer for my laptop memory upgrade dilemma.

It started when I upgraded my memory from 2GB to 4GB. The windows system properties was showing 4GB as installed RAM but due to mappings that fall between 2.90-4 GB it was unable to use all of the 4GB memory. So what am I suppose to do? Just be stuck with the fact that my well paid money go to waste.

So after going through various sites and from my own knowledge , I upgrade my 32bit version of Windows 7 to 64bit Windows to see it it works. na da. it didnt.

Ok next thing I wanted upgrade the BIOS just in case ACER has remapped everything so its customers can enjoy seeing and actually using whopping (:)) 4GB of memory.

So I had to visit ACER Europe and upgrade my BIOS to Version 1.10.

Here is the link from the Acer Europe site

Select BIOS 1.10 from the drop down box in the BIOS section.

Voila... It worked. Now System properties shows that the machine is using 4GB of memory.

So case solved.

Guys so just try updating your BIOS just to see if it works for you too. and here is proof

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