Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook TimeLine - Check who has taken you off their list of friends secretly

Ever wondered why you dont get to hear from that person on your Facebook wall anymore ? And then you might wonder maybe they stopped using or didnt get on to Facebooking for a while?

Well here's a way to know if someone taken you off their friends list or in facebook vocab "Unfriend" you for some reason.

This neat trick involves in using the new facebook timeline which is soon to be live on everyones facebook profiles. But for now it remains as beta still you can add it as if you were developing an app with facebook developer network.

When you hear the words "app" and  "developer network" you might think oh no I know nothing about apps and developing but don't be put down by the big words. Its just going through some buttons named "next" and "finish" to complete the process and you are good to go. And after magically the Timeline tryout message will pop up in your facebook profile page automatically.

Check out the full guide on how to enable the TimeLine feature at Redmond Pie site and their other post on how to check who has un-friended you here
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