Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Android app that shows your connected cell tower location and other available towers with signal levels

Ever wondered why your phone reception level jumps up and down? well the wondering is over because with this app you could see the available cell towers nearby on a map and the connected cell tower.

With this nifty android app you could know which network performs or has the best network coverage in your area.

Say if you are wondering around looking for the best signal, you could use this app to find out in which direction the signal is coming from ( it shows the connected towers direction) all you have to do is follow the compass red arrow till you get a good signal.

the location of all the towers is pretty impressive too. I know and I have tried in the past to get hold of the same sort of app for Apple IOS devices called "Signal" and now "Signal 2". but the problem is they all work on jailbroken devices.


you could find out about all the features and download the app from the android play store at 
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