Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DVR 4000 H.264 CCTV card setup files

Here are the setup files for DVR 4000. The software supports up to 16 cameras. MP4/H.264 recording.

Download the DVR4000 and client player manuals drivers from the links below-

New Version 4.01 - DVR4000-DVRS-FlashBlack-ENG-v4.01.rar

DVR 4000 old Version - http://www.mediafire.com/?mynmztwazwd

DVR4000 server settings
DVR4000 Server

I recommend upgrading to a newer and cheaper card like 16CH D1 Record H.264 DVR Card if you are having problems with the dvr4000 pci card.

--> Here are some setup instruction files that I found with the dvr package.

User manual download links -


D said...

I am having issues with this software. I've installed it on 3 computers and the server asks me to choose a drive when i run it. but no drives show up. the client however shows my hard drive and will open fine.

any help is appreciated!!!!



Anonymous said...

If you have not resolved this problem yet, I suggest that you check your drive types and also make sure there is enough space etc.

Anonymous said...

I am having trouble regarding the installation of the driver for the card. It says card not found while my card is already inserted.

Anonymous said...

try the old version aswell to see if it works!

Anonymous said...

i installed server setup in a pc and all is working fine.
Now im trying to configure for remote control. i have static ips

i configured the server also forwarded the ports in a router. But when i go to prowser and i write my ip it doesnt work...

For making it work do i need also to install client setup or what are you sugessting...

Its an old post i know, but if anyonw can help know ill be greatfull.

Anonymous said...

I have installed Server setup in a pc and all works well..
Now i want to make cameras work in remote connection (i have static IPs)

i configured everything in Server side(i also forwarded ports in a router) but when i go and enter the ip in address bar, it doesnt work..

Do i have to install also the cleint side to make it work, or what r u sugesstiong?

i know its an old post, but if there is someone who can help in this manner ill be very greatfull.

Unknown said...

it does not work with my card i switched back top the old version although the new server soft looks a lot better and works faster ... and probably with out the bugs ..
Also was rebooting my pc from time to time

Anonymous said...


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