Thursday, September 5, 2013

Poorest VoIP quality from Dellmont, Betamax and Fonarea brands. List of 80+ re-branded VoIP labels you got to beware of.

Worlds most pathetic and unacceptable levels of VoIP quality from Betamax, Dellmont and Fonarea brands.

sites like shows a partial list of their brands, but still they don't include the full list. I have included the list at the end of this post.

I have tried dozens of these brands and found out that they are the worst in the industry.

Although they offer the cheapest rates in the industry they also turn out to offer the worst quality you could get out of a voip phone call.

To make worst even worst, they charge for the call even before the other party answers. and when somebody complains all they have to say is that its not their problem but the VoIP minute suppliers problem.

Try to stick with a good brand name although the rates are few cents more. You will save your money and headaches.

Do not switch to another brand to find a better connection, all their brands are using the same infrastructure and even the usernames are not usable among their brands because they are going through a one centralised database system.

think of it as a franchise where people buys the betamax and fonarea voip whitelabel and try to make some money.

You could easily figure out one of their sites by checking out the similarities of their rate lists. they look the same all across all of their brands,

here is a list of Dellmont relabelled brands. happens to be 80+ brands known as of 05/09/2013 (september 5th 2013) ( this is a rough list that I extracted from google and it is not a complete list.)

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