Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orange CH Switzerland Delivery tracking number scam

I'm writing this blog post to have some opinions from want to be/existing customer of Orange, Switzerland who have ordered a product from them and never received a tracking / Delivery number although they have received an email confirming that they will be sending the tracking / delivery number right after.

Here is a excerpt from the email that I received

Having waited about a week, I rang them up in search of an answer to my problem, but all they give out to you is "Sir we are not authorized to give out a tracking number and we dont give one out usually" when I asked but I received an email and again I'm sorry sir is all they got to say.

Now for a comparison I ordered a phone (upgrade) from Sunrise four days ago and guess what I got my phone today. rite the next day they shipped it out and emailed me the tracking number.

Thats what I call service. I thought Orange networks as a reputed player in the worldwide communications business would be a good multinational company.

I have seen the same from many exapats from forums such as so I'm not alone here.

If you would like to address them directly about this issue please let me know so we could setup an online petition or something in hope it will reach the marketing personal high up in their management.

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